The Proper Way To Wear A Muffler

For many years now, Western women have been wearing colourful, skilfully woven, lightweight mufflers throughout the year, no matter the weather. Due to the fact that designers such as Burberry have stepped their game up with the making of mufflers, with designs such as their designer cashmere scarf, muffler accessorizing has become a major trend in the fashion industry.
Mufflers are now being worn by women to look chic. They are now worn with any and everything. If you want to dress up your most down outfit, throw a muffler over your baby tee or wear them crisscrossed over your blazers to give that extra dash.
In such beautiful shades as: russet, gold, coral, crimson, and earth, that accentuates your complexion, it is not surprising that the year round trend of wearing mufflers has become a fashion trend that has spread all over.
Designer stores in Madison Avenue says that mufflers are the new go to item for spring collection and with designer scarves such as the Burberry cashmere scarf and Randall Darwall, muffler accessorizing have never been better.
It is surprising that mufflers have moved so far from their functionality status, to now being an incredible fashion statement. They are now even being worn as the ideal neck accessory as some women go as far as to wrap them around their neck like necklaces to adding and attractive, yet subtle look to any attire.
Now that mufflers are the ìitî thing for spring, they are now beautifully adorned with beads and pearls. They are top of the spring collection because they give you a break from chunky necklaces and are especially famous among women who are not a lover of these accessories.
Mufflers are perfect for anyone and they are especially a good accessory for those who cannot afford to spend $300 on a top because with the right muffler, you can look like a million bucks. They will transform you from a plain Jane to a superstar.
Mufflers have also become one of those accessories that women need as much as they need shoes and purses. Muffler accessorizing is essential for women who want to come off as chic. They are made in many different colors, styles, and shapes and they are now functional, not as a wholly piece of garment needed for winter but as functional as your little black dress and that favourite bag that you like to sport with.
So the next time you go shopping, pick up one or two mufflers such as the Burberry cashmere scarf and add a little dash to your wardrobe by muffler accessorizing.